Lines & Calls

This is our range of SIP trunks, telephone lines, ISDN, SIP and PSTN calls.

SIP trunks
SIP trunks are designed to enable existing on premise telephone systems to make VoIP calls where upgrading to a cloud telephone system is not an option.

Features and potential benefits

  • Route calls over the internet instead of the Public Switched Telephone Network Save on your phone bill with inclusive UK landline and UK mobile calls on a 36 month contract.
  • Replace ISDN lines with channels connected to an IP (Internet Protocol) network A SIP trunk is typically 30-50% of the monthly rental of an ISDN channel.

ISDN channels are for connecting traditional on premise telephone systems to the PSTN when broadband is not available.

Features and potential benefits

  • No call connection fees or minimum call charges Pay for the calls you make
  • Free transfers, no service disruption No downtime and no need to change your numbers
  • Direct Dial In numbering Staff can be contacted directly via DDIs
  • Always-on service Fast, secure communications 24/7/365

PSTN and SIP call charges
We offer competitive per minute rates for calls out-of-bundle, charged by the second over PSTN and SIP.

Features and potential benefits

  • Low call costs Make big savings on your UK and international landline and mobile call.
  • Works alongside your phone system Get the benefits of lower call costs without changing your phone system.

Telephone Lines
We offer standard telephone lines for making traditional phone calls and to run broadband connections such as ADSL2+ and Fibre Broadband.

Features and potential benefits

  • Phone lines with a range of business care packages Used for traditional telephony or dedicated to data services with faults fixed within 2 working days or next working day

Auxiliary services
V12 offers all the auxiliary services of a Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) supplier, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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